Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Almost three years ago, in September 2018, my mum flew out from her home in England to meet me in Victoria, the largest city on Vancouver Island. For the best part of a week, we took a road trip around the south part of the island and spent our first few days settled in James Bay, Victoria.

James Bay is a quiet neighborhood, boasting panoramic ocean views and a horizon lined with the Olympic mountains. These photos were taken at the breakwater along Ogden Point. Looking out, you have this odd little feeling that you might just be at the ends of the earth – helped by the fact it’s one of the most westerly points on the typical world map.

A “must-do” in Victoria is to take a seaplane tour of the city and surrounding areas. On our twenty minute flight, we got some great views of whales (!), the famous Butchart Gardens and several smaller islands, like this one – named Discovery Island.

Yet we spent most of our time simply walking the coast line, watching the waves crash against the beach and keeping an eye out for birds of prey.

Our entire trip around the island was filled with stunning scenery but these first few days spent ocean side Victoria, were particularly special. I have a framed print of this post’s featured photo on my wall in Toronto and I’ve been dreaming about returning ever since…

From the beginning of May, I have found myself back in this same spot in James Bay, Victoria. I’m here for a month and I can’t wait to share more posts of these gorgeous views.

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