Seaside Biking Trail, Victoria, Canada

As I find myself in another beautiful part of British Columbia for June, taking some time to reflect back on my time in Victoria feels a little frivolous. It’s taken a rainy day and some cancelled plans for me to want to pull out my laptop and start sifting through last month’s photos. Aside from the photos though, I’ve been wondering how on earth I’ll find the words to describe the magical wonderland Victoria is – the wildlife, the scenery…

Each day, I would confirm: “This is paradise”.

I was located at Ogden Point which has an impressive breakwater serving as a walkway into the ocean. It’s also near the start of the 40km seaside biking trail, which follows the coast line and views of the Olympic mountain range.

By some crazy chance, on my very first morning biking along the trail, I came across two magnificent bald eagles, perched on a rock. Seeing them so close, gave me an appreciation for just how big these birds are.

Although I didn’t see another eagle up as close as this, I started to learn their spots and saw them more regularly, swooping across the ocean and circling above trees.

The great blue heron was another regular in the neighborhood. Every day, without fail, there would be a stake-out by this same boat inside the breakwater. Later in the month, I got to see tens of herons nesting up in high trees nearby.

Amongst birds, I’d get to catch daily glimpses of deer, otters, starfish and seals. The wildlife on this island is truly magical.

The coastal trail weaves in and out, creating numerous bays and opportunities to enjoy a beach all to yourself. I spent a lot of my evenings sat on the beach in front of my apartment, watching the sun go down.

Perhaps the most special time to be there though was at dusk, with the sun behind the mountains, the skies would turn all shades of blue, purple, orange and pink. Whatever the weather, the show was always spectacular.

As I was writing this post today, I happened to look up the definition of “paradise”. Now I doubt it’s even a strong enough word to describe this place…


an ideal or idyllic place or state.

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