Stargazing in Ontario, Canada

Some of my previous posts look back to a camping trip I took in September around Ontario. Aside from the vibrant fall colours, another fantastic reason to go camping in this month is to catch a view at the slew of stars. Of course, in these more rural locations, the stars are out all year round so the real advantage of fall is you don’t have to wait up too late for the darkness to come in and the stars to shine.

As a photography enthusiast, I reveled in the chance to try out some astrophotography for the first time. The whole experience was incredibly exciting. The slow shutter speeds required led to a big build up of anticipation; having to wait up to a minute to check whether I had captured complete darkness (a dud) or a magical mix of stars, galaxies and foreground foliage (astonishing success!).

Once I had figured out a good recipe for settings, I started to think more about composition and aimed to include subjects beneath the stars. If you’re a camera nerd like me, you can click on the shots in the gallery below and see which settings I landed on.

This marked the very beginning of my astrophotography journey and I can’t wait to do more next camping season.

Read more of my posts from the same trip: Manitoulin Island, Killbear & Flowerpot Island.

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