Flowerpot Island, Ontario, Canada

The Bruce Peninsula area features on every Ontarian’s must-see list. Camp sites for the national park get booked up months in advance and this September, my friends and I were lucky enough to snag ourselves a spot.

Flowerpot Island is a short ferry ride away from the charming, harbour village of Tobermory. On our way over, we past the pristine Big Tub lighthouse and saw an incredible shipwreck from the boat’s glass bottom.

Once on the island, we spent a few hours walking the perimeter, stopping to peak between the trees and take in the serene lake views.

The famous “flowerpots” are big stacks of rock naturally shaped from the sea. Seeing them here took me back to my own coastal hometown called Weymouth, which sits on the Jurassic Coast of England and where interesting sea structures are plenty.

Don’t be fooled by the secluded, peaceful nature of these pics though, we found the place to be packed with “in-it for the gram” types and pesky chipmunks with eyes only for our lunch.

Still, I can’t deny that these curious creatures were pretty cute to watch while we waited for the ‘gramers to pass by.

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