Killbear Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

In late September, I took a ten day road trip around Ontario with friends. Our last stop, was Killbear, a provincial park sitting on the Georgina Bay. We car-camped for two nights at a site just a few minutes walk to the beach.

Killbear is known for it’s rugged and rocky shoreline dotted with wind swept pine trees. It’s a relatively small park with a handful of trails, easily ticked off within a day or two. “The tree” is hands-down the most popular photo spot in the park, yet I really enjoyed shooting this charming lighthouse which stands at Killbear Point, along a short trail South of the campsites.

If you were expecting to find a picture of the iconic wind swept pine here, sorry! You’ll have to make the trip yourself. I sadly ran out of camera battery at that point. A good lesson there for me – you can never have a enough batteries!

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