Awenda Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Three weeks in a row, I’ve been lucky enough to hit the trails across several Ontario parks. Snowshoeing has been my new hobby and an appreciated solace during the eternal lockdown measures to subdue the pandemic.

What I love the most about snowshoeing is it’s simplicity of accessing beautiful, tranquil scenery. You don’t need to practice or take lessons, you simply strap on and hit what would typically be a hiking trail in the warmer months.

Today, we visited Awenda Provincial Park, located in the township of Tiny (yes, tiny!). It was a chilly start to the day with a thick blanket of fog hanging over the horizon.

Much of the park was closed for winter, but a small parking lot in the center served a few trailheads that took us on an eight and half kilometer route through the forest and on to the Wendat Trail around Kettle’s Lake.

“Crunch, crunch, crunch,” went the crispy snow underfoot. It had been a few days since the last snowfall and temperatures had been above zero, leaving an icy coat. An hour or so in, the fog started to clear.

We spent over three hours stomping through the deep snow, soaking up the gorgeous views and listening to the steady hum of the wind. There’s rarely another soul to be found on these chilly wintery days adding to the quiet stillness – a complete luxury for us city folk.

I suspect with temperatures rising there are just a few chances left to snowshoe this season. What an incredible way to get outside and enjoy the wintery wonderland across Ontario – I’m already looking forward to next year!

One thought on “Awenda Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

  1. Awenda is such a beautiful park. We visited for the first time last summer and were pleasantly surprised as to how scenic it was. There’s a nice variety of hiking trails (Wendat Trail was my favourite) and nice sandy beaches to go swimming. I meant to visit Awenda this winter, but the time got away from me. So many parks to explore and there never seems to be enough time.


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