Lion’s Head, Ontario, Canada

Let’s be real, summer in Ontario is just eight weeks long (ten at a stretch) and we can all agree that’s far too short. What I love to do once summer finally hits, is go camping and ideally by a lake. Last month, I had the chance to stay at the Indigenous owned Cape Croker campground in Neyaashiinigmiing on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula.

Lion’s Head is a short drive from Cape Croker and is a little town with a quaint harbour and lighthouse. It’s also known for a really popular hiking trail – the Lion’s Head Lookout.

We visited the town first thing in the morning to beat the inevitable crowds and get a spot at the trailhead. It was a sleepy start to the day, with a blanket of fog hovering across the water.

It was the perfect chance to snap some shots and enjoy the serenity of the clear, blue water. Nothing beats the sound of gentle waves, lapping against the shoreline whilst looking out into endless horizon. The tranquility seemed to extend out perpetually.

Of course, most people come to Lion’s Head to check out the gorgeous views of turquoise Lake Huron and the emerald-studded cliffs surrounding it. We walked the trail out to the first lookout and back, taking us just over an hour.

It amazed us how clear the water was all along the peninsula. Being keen lake swimmers, we took a dip any moment we could and found this stunning pebble beach on our last morning. One final dip before driving back to the city.

If the views haven’t convinced you enough to visit, we also happened to find the best maple syrup. Ziibaakdakaan is a sugarbush based in Cape Croker that produces very dark, wood fired maple syrup. Not only is it super yummy and flavoursome, the price is extraordinary reasonable. You can order syrup directly from their website here. Be ready to take a swig straight from the bottle!

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