Fleetwood Creek, Ontario, Canada

This December, I decided to take a trip to Peterborough, a small city ninety minutes northeast of where I live in Toronto. “Why Peterborough?” friends asked and well, it was simply the result of a wide net search on Airbnb for a mini getaway. On the drive over, I decided to stop at this beautiful Kawatha Lakes trail.

Fleetwood Creek is a conservation area protected as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. It has a short trail loop, which leads to a beautiful lookout over a forest of firs. You can imagine in the fall, these trees would be brightly coloured with reds, oranges, yellows and greens.

Snow had fallen a couple days before I visited the trail, leaving the area looking like a glorious winter wonderland. It was the perfect start to my holiday break. I loved wandering through trees, breathing in the crisp cool air and, given the season, having the entire trail to myself.

I’m looking forward to one day returning here to catch the fall colours, and yet something about the white snow, dark brown trees and few remaining orange leaves did make for stunning scenery. I definitely recommend a visit during winter as well.

Read what I got up to on the rest of this trip in my Peterborough blog post.

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