So it begins…

This first post describes what The Digital Postcard is all about.

Hey! How was your trip?

This is the question I never want to be stuck answering.

Travel is like being flung.

Kate McCahill, author of Patagonian Road

For me, the being flung part of travel comes quick, pulsing with spontaneity and like a catapult, I’m thrown to living in each moment. I seize every opportunity to explore deeper and I set out with good intentions of scribbling down every crazy part of my trips. I want to capture the learnings, experiences and stories. I want to remember all of the things that shook me, made me laugh or left me in awe. Breathlessness should be unforgettable but the details fade fast.

Yet, this “being flung” doesn’t leave much room for pauses of sitting and writing. Or, at least, the thought of doing so becomes less and less appealing to me. I’d rather be out there living it than staying behind writing about it. So, I journal for the first couple days and as that starts to trail off, I vow that I’ll spend the first few weeks back home making up for lost writing time. Who am I kidding?

Further from the all-intended writing, I take a lot of photos whilst travelling. I indulge in the chance to spend more time working with my camera whilst on the road. Rarely do my photos reach the editing stage and rarer still, are they shared beyond my own PC, despite all those good intentions.

The Digital Postcard is my idea for sharing snippets of my travels through quick posts and my favourite shots from a trip. It was inspired by my history for a lack of capturing the memories and struggling to recall all the details once I returned home. I’ll soon be taking a six month backpacking trip and want to use this blog as a way of keeping family and friends in the loop with where I am and what I have been doing.

Whilst predominately this space is for friends and family to follow along with my adventures, I would love to connect with other travelers and photographers through sharing this publicly. Always feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the About page.

Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – let this be my single step towards sharing and remembering many more of my escapades with you.

Cover photo: Valley of the Five Lakes, Jasper, Alberta, Canada taken August 2019

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